WATCH: What Age Do Millennials Think Is “Old?”


Aging is not about decline — it’s about growth

What age do you consider old? That seems to change as you advance in years, doesn’t it?

In this video produced by AARP, millennials were asked that they think “old” is in terms of years and ability. Then they were matched with real “old” people for an exercise and their perspectives changed. People much older than us can surprise us in so many ways.

No matter one’s health or physical abilities, Pope Francis has called old age “a time of grace.” People in their senior years have much to offer in terms of wisdom, talent, witness and prayer — just think of people like Sarah, Abraham, Naomi, Ruth, Zachariah, Simeon and Anna in the Scriptures. When we reflect on the important role each one played in salvation history, we’re reminded that aging is about continuing to grow in fidelity to the mission God has given to each of us.

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