WATCH: Meet an unusual farmer in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward


David Young says his life and work is because of “a calling from God”

David Young came to the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans in 2010 from Indiana and says that he ended up staying because of a “calling from God.” Activist and humanitarian Rob Greenfield reports that since arriving, Young has started gardens on 30 abandoned lots leftover from Hurricane Katrina and provides his produce for free, or at low cost, to people in most need in the community. He offers the fruit he grows in his urban orchard to the community for free. He built the largest aquaponics system in New Orleans and gave out over 2,500 pounds of food last year. Young also rescues bees threatened by exterminators and now has over 60 hives throughout the Lower 9th Ward. Along with plenty of bees, his own urban homestead is filled with goats and rescued chickens. He funds his work using the proceeds from his honey sales, and invites anyone and everyone to volunteer with him and support his work.