Simone Biles may have 4 gold medals, but she’s never danced with a boy

Michael loccisano | Getty Images North America | AFP

She will be testing her athleticism on the new season of ‘Dancing With the Stars’

She impressed the world last year at Rio and came home a champion. Now, Simone Biles will put her skills to the test on this season of Dancing With the Stars. Sasha Savitsky takes us through her interview with Fox News. When asked if anything made her nervous, Biles answered:

“I think just generally dancing in heels and dancing with a partner because I’ve never experienced that before. [Sasha Farber] is the first guy I’ve danced with.”

But Biles says she’s in good hands with Farber.

“It’s going good,” she said of her “DWTS” partner. “I think our personalities go well with each other and he’s very patient so I like that.”

It’s hard to imagine this hardened Olympic champion having never had the occasion to dance with a boy before. This is most likely due to the endless hours spent training her body into an gold medal-winning machine.

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Biles’ experience in gymnastics will most likely give her a (literal) leg up. In fact, last season’s winner was gold medalist and Olympic team mate Laurie Hernandez, who we’re sure will be around to give Biles tips.

It is with the determination and work ethic of an Olympian that Biles enters, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what she can translate from her floor exercises to the dance floor.