Celinés’ faith is magnetic


Her sincere love of Christ draws one into the music.

Celinés was working hard to enter the world of Latin Pop, inadvertently distancing herself from her faith in the process. In 2006, invited to a evangelization retreat, she had a personal encounter with Jesus, which she credits with her turn to Christian music. At that moment, her goals as a musician changed:

I am currently not a famous singer, but a “happy Catholic missionary” full-time. I have the beautiful mission of loving, adoring God, serving the Church and carrying the Gospel through the world, through music. I have witnessed liberations, conversions and inner healing, as we worship Jesus with music, for the heart opens more easily and the person is willing at His will at that moment.

Celinés offers soft, easy-going Christian music that builds to a certain grandeur without overwhelming. “Gloria Aleluya” could be as at home in an arena as in church, with a singable chorus and easy melody. The best part of her music is the sincerity of her faith. It is quite obvious, her love of Christ.

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Song: Gloria Aleluya | Singer: Celinés Díaz

Celinés Díaz

Name: Celinés de los Ángeles Díaz Rodríguez

Born: Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

Lives in: Santo Domingo

Latest Album: Dios es fiel [God is faithful] (2014)

Interesting Facts: Following a spiritual retreat where she experienced the power of Christ’s love, Celinés decided to offer her life and her voice in service to the Lord. Today she is a full-time Catholic missionary who brings the Word of God to the world through her music. She was married in the summer of 2015.


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