The Cimorelli sisters are not afraid to “Hope for It”


Cimorelli excels at making upbeat pop music with Christian themes.

“Hope for It” is the seventh track from Cimorelli’s second full-length album, Alive. The lyrics encourage us all to hold on to hope, no matter what obstacles we may face. Although the album was released in 2016, the song is especially relevant during a very trying 2017, a year full of natural and manmade disasters.

As musicians, Cimorelli continues to mature in their style and subject matter. We especially enjoyed their use of harmony in the background vocals. All six sisters are gifted with fantastic voices, and the familial similarities allow them to seamlessly blend together to create a fantastic sound.

Lauren revealed in an interview with Sweety High that “Hope for It” is her personal favorite song from Alive, stating, “it always pumps me up when I need it.” In the same interview the sisters revealed why it took them so long to release their first album and why their second was released in the same year.

“The reason it took us so long to release an album is because we were signed with a major label and were not in charge of the timing. We waited for five years hoping to release it, and our fans were getting so frustrated. Finally, we decided to become independent artists, and now we’ve released two full-length albums.”

With the drive to release two albums in one year, an engaging sound, and a wholesome style that appeals to a wide-ranging audience, we expect to be enjoying the music of Cimorelli for many years to come.

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Song: Hope For It | Singer: Cimorelli


Name: Cimorelli (Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani)

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Current City: Nashville, TN

Latest Album: Alive (2016)

Interesting Fact: The six Cimorelli sisters also have five brothers and the girls have an age difference of 9 years among them. The group’s first cover was Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA.” They continue to cover popular songs, but have also created quite a list of original songs too.


Facebook: Cimorelliband

Twitter: @Cimorelliband
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