Aleteia launches its first web series: ‘LOOK UP — Stories of Hope’


18 different people from around the world share their stories of finding light during the darkest times.

The new video series, scheduled to debut on November 29, tells the true stories of 18 men and women whose lives were unexpectedly turned upside-down. But through great faith they took the reins and turned their lives around. These are stories of hope and of light—the light that shined through these people’s lives and can illuminate our own lives and those around us.

Aleteia interviewed people throughout the world to tell their inspiring stories of hope: Jen, a victim of child sex trafficking; Dan, who passed through the darkness of losing a child; Tom, a firefighter during September 11; Alex, who at the age of 8 “changed the world”; Doug, who went from being homeless to being a country music idol—and  many others.

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