Why a 9/11 firefighter became a priest


The story of Tom Colucci.

September 11, 2001, changed Tom Colucci’s life forever. He was a captain in the New York Fire Department.

That day, he saw his men die: dozens of lifeless bodies as the result of murderous madness, and the death of their chaplain, Fr. Mychal Judge, who had been giving Last Rites to a fireman.

Where was God that day?

“I saw the worst of humanity that day, but I also saw the best of humanity that day,” he said.

Tom remembers the hundreds of people—men, women, and even children—who showed up to help in the rescue efforts: “They are the body of Christ! God was definitely with us on that day.”

He decided to become a priest to continue serving and saving people, body and soul.

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