The main lesson we need to learn from the fire at Notre Dame of Paris: “Rebuild my church”

Ludovic Marin | AFP

The meditation of Fr. Pierre-Henri Montagne, pastor of St. Louis de France parish in DC, sheds spiritual light on these recent events.

After the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris, Catholics all over the globe have asked each other the same question: How are we going to rebuild the Church?

This is, if you remember, precisely what Jesus requested of St. Francis of Assisi: “rebuild my church.” It’s a request that, as we all know, has reverberated through history, as it has deep spiritual connotations. Today, the question is picked up yet again by Father Pierre-Henri Montagne, pastor of the St. Louis de France parish in Washington, DC.

In the video below, Fr. Montagne shares his thoughts on the matter in his dialogue with Elizabeth Lev, art historian and author of “How Catholic Art Saved the Faith,” during the show conducted by Raymond Arroyo, “World Over.” In them, the implications of Notre Dame’s fire for the lives of the faithful are clearly presented in a deeply spiritual, symbolic, meaningful way. 





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