One hour of life can change a family forever


This baby changed countless lives.

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Regina and Erik were expecting their ninth child—a daughter—but four months into the pregnancy they discovered that the baby had spina bifida and trisomy 18. They looked for a place where the baby could be received in the best way possible, and they settled on the Neonatal Comfort Care Program in New York.

“From that moment on, everything changed,” Regina said. “We were at peace: We knew that she was going to be welcomed, cared for, and loved.”

Caeli was born in June of 2014, and she lived outside the womb for less than an hour, but she was surrounded by the love of her parents and siblings.

“In a way, it was a joyful moment,” Erik said. In less than 60 minutes, Caeli had left a permanent mark on the lives of those who were touched by her existence.

“God makes no distinction between a long life and a short one,” Regina said. “Caeli’s life was very short, but it was a complete life!”

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