Jeremy Camp switches styles with new single “Dead Man Walking”


Camp sets aside the acoustic guitar and explores the modern trend of electro-pop.

In May, Jeremy Camp released the first single from his recently released 2019 album, The Story’s Not Over, and it’s a step in a very different direction, musically speaking. Camp began his career with just an acoustic guitar and his impeccable voice, but now, as the Christian artist prepares to enter the third decade of his career, he has abandoned the acoustic in favor of trendy electro-pop orchestration, and he does it well.

“Dead Man Walking” is driven by a staccato guitar line that flutters around like a butterfly, seemingly in random directions, but it suites the song well. The tune also features those low rumbling sounds that were made popular in the Dub-step craze of the early 2000s. During the bridge he modulates his voice, using an effect that makes him sound like he’s singing four parts at once.

The song is intense all the way through, and it could fit into a radio lineup just as easily as it could carry a montage in a movie preview. The song has already proven a success, with nearly 8 million streams. In a press release, Camp said of the song:

“Colossians 2:13-14 speaks of our lives before Christ as being ‘dead.’ There was a time I felt emotionally and spiritually dead, but then God changed me radically,” said Camp. “That is why I’m excited to share ‘Dead Man Walking’ – because it’s a song of thankfulness that even though I was once a ‘dead man walking’ I’m now a man ‘walking with God.’”

The whole album offers much a much different style than his previous works. Camp explores the popular styles with interesting rhythms, beats made for dancing, and even a few tracks that could fit in with the R&B crowd. Hear the whole album here.