Pregnant woman with breast cancer undergoes chemo; baby is born healthy


She turned down abortion and opted for a treatment that gave the best chance for both her and her baby to survive.

At the age of 36, Jade Davis took her son into her lap right after giving birth. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment, smelling and kissing her baby. It was an especially transcendent moment for her. Both of them have been through a lot in recent months. Together, they’ve undergone difficult chemotherapy sessions to save Jade from breast cancer, which she was diagnosed with shortly after she became pregnant.

Doctors told her that her baby’s life was at grave risk, because he was too small to survive the intense chemotherapy treatment that she would need to fight her disease. The baby might suffer terrible effects that could trouble him throughout his life. According to A. Pawlowsi of the news outlet Today, Davis “was offered the option to terminate the pregnancy.” However, she instead decided to try to save both of their lives. “I wasn’t going to let anybody tell me his fate. I was going to do everything I could to save the baby. I wasn’t going to let a disease take the baby from me,” she told the reporter.

On Instagram, her sister tells the story of how Jade found the support she needed at the Loma Linda University Cancer Center in California, and she says that Bradley, her nephew, was born “healthy and beautiful” this past July. “He’s her miracle,” Jasmine Davis says, full of emotion and gratitude for the gift that God has granted her courageous sister.

Although scans have shown her to be cancer free, Jade is continuing her treatments, following her doctors’ recommendations, to do everything possible to ensure she can be there or her son in the future. In the meantime, Today reports, she can count on the support of her sister, who moved in with her.

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This is my sister. Instagram is such a fun space for me. I get to share photos of things I love, enjoy and cherish. I share with you often. The laughs, the fun, the smiles of joy, but I left this part of this past year out. Although I wanted to share this with you all, it wasn’t my story to share. My sister Jade is a beauty. She hasn’t had an easy go, she’s made mistakes but she’s been given a gift from God. In her 1st trimester of this surprising and miraculous pregnancy, she discovered a lump in her breast. After Insisting to have it biopsied and advocating for herself, the biopsy revealed her worst fears. Stage 2 Triple Negative Breast Cancer. She was told the baby she was carrying was too young to survive treatments. Carefully weighing options she found #lomalindacancercenter and their wonderful doctors were able to save both of them. Bradley was born and survived cancer and chemotherapy with mom. He is healthy and beautiful. He is her miracle. Without the pregnancy and instinctively advocating for her health and that of Bradley’s, the cancer may have gone unchecked and they both may not be here. I’m proud of her, not just because she survived cancer but the positive perspective she has gained. Her heart is so full of gratitude and humility from the compassion she was shown through out her journey. I’m also proud of the community that has shown her love and compassion. She is incredibly moved by all of it and is being shown a new direction and wants to help others with similar stories. Scans have shown this aggressive cancer did not spread, but we want to give her extra time before returning to work full time. She needs time to heal and recover from the whirlwind year but also to start a new chapter and journey with her baby. Please share her story with someone you may know who needs a little encouragement to keep fighting. We have set her up with a GoFundMe (link in bio) in hopes she can get that extra needed time bonding with him. Please don’t feel obligated but a share, & prayers/good vibes are always appreciated 🙏🏻💗 Again this is my little sister and I’m so proud of her. •VENMO @jadehonestydevis @jadehonestyvazquez

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