Top 10 Catholic songs of 2019

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Cecilia Music presents the best new Catholic music from all over the world.

In 2015, Aleteia launched “Cecilia the Soul of Music,” a special project aimed at giving new visibility to spiritual music, and, above all, to Catholic-inspired international musicians.

Today, we celebrate with you, the CECILIA CATHOLIC MUSIC AWARDS 2019.

In the previous versions of the award we rewarded the 30 best Catholic artists from all continents. In this edition, we changed strategy and chose 10 songs, all with a precise and deep meaning. This year we want to focus more on the meaning of the songs than on the performers themselves.

The following are among the most beautiful and deeply religious songs of 2019. Have a good listen! Here are the top 10 Catholic songs of 2019:


10) “Our Father” by Dante Schmitz


9) “Ven Espírito Divino (Come Holy Spirit” by Canto Católico


8) “No Te Vayas (Don’t Go Away)” by Juan Carlos + Athenas

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