Seniors give their best advice to “the younger generation” — and it’s charming

Shutterstock | Fotoluminate LLC

Young people have so much to learn from the elderly!

These senior citizens live together at Wheatland Manor nursing home in Iowa, and they have a lot of wisdom to share. They’ve become famous on social media for a series of photos in which each one shares a piece of advice that they would give to the younger generation.

The idea came from one of their caregivers, Angie Bousselot. She told reporter Angela Rose of KWQC,

“They have been through more than you and I have ever been through in our lives. They have so much wisdom. They’ve gone through so much that we’ll never get to go through so they have a lot of advice to share.”

In fact, she says, “I never go home without learning something new from them.”

The funny thing is that the pictures were taken in December last year, but sometimes messages reach us right when we need them. There couldn’t be a better time than this!

Pope Francis has often spoken of the importance of the elderly and their experience. In January of this year, he said:

“The ‘richness of many years’ is a richness of people, of each individual person who has many years of life, experience and history behind them. It is the precious treasure that takes form in the life journey of each man and woman, whatever their origin, provenance, and economic or social condition. Life is a gift, and when it is long it is a privilege, for each one and for others …”

“Today I wish to tell you that the elderly are also the present and the future of the Church. Yes, they are also the future of a Church that, together with the young, prophesies and dreams! This is why it is so important that those advanced in years and the young speak to each other, it is so important.”

So, let us listen to them (or, in this case, read them)!

Do you have any special advice from your grandparents? We would love to read it in the comments.