Pope shares how he starts his work day each morning


In a spontaneous reflection with the law enforcement of St. Peter’s Square, pope talks about his first few minutes in the office.

Pope Francis offered a spontaneous reflection on October 17 when he received in audience members of the Saint Peter “Carabinieri” law enforcement corps that provides security in St. Peter’s Square and in the wider Vatican area of Rome.

Every morning when I get here to my study in the Apostolic Library, I pray to the Virgin Mary and then I go to the window to look out on the Square, to look out on the city, and there, at the end of the Square, I see you. Every morning, I greet you in my heart and I thank you.

It is moving to think that each morning, the Successor of Peter goes to the window to look at the Square and the City and to bless us, to pray to God for all of humanity. He looks out upon the Square without being seen, from the same window where on Sundays he appears to lead the midday Angelus.

It’s comforting to think of the Vicar of Christ praying for us — and it’s also a call to fulfill the wish he expresses at the end of each audience: “Please, don’t forget to pray for me.”

On occasions, we are given little glimpses into the personal prayer lives of the popes, these men entrusted by Christ with the responsibility of the whole world. Surely, we need to be praying for them in their weighty mission.

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