Fun Stuff: Catholic bishop takes questions from the peanut gallery!

This is pretty adorable stuff.

Brandon Vogt, who earns his living working with Word on Fire Ministries and had the occasion, during a recent family vacation, to meet up with that organization’s founder, Bishop Robert Barron. Barron graciously sat for a podcast interview with four of the five Vogt children, and took some pretty surprising questions from these young minds, including:

  • How can Mary be “Queen” and Jesus be “King” if she’s his mother?
  • How does it feel to be a bishop?
  • How to explain God to young children?
  • What is God’s favorite color?
  • How do we know God is real?

Barron seems like he is having a genuinely good time with the kids, and I must say, Vogt’s son Isaiah has a very impressive and self-possessed way of presenting, right down to the throat-clearing before he asks a question. This is a very cute, very fun ten minutes. You can listen in, here. Enjoy!

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