Blessed Carlo Acutis: Age 15

Recently beatified, this young millennial "computer geek" dedicated his short life to learning more about the Eucharistic miracles and cataloging them on the internet for all to be inspired. Even while suffering from leukemia he was full of joy and passion, with a love for Jesus Christ that is an example for all.

Blessed Chiaro Badano: Age 18

In her short life, this Italian saint spent her time trying to help others. Chiara shared her love of Jesus through her everyday actions and being a member of the Focolare movement. When diagnosed with a crippling terminal bone cancer, she embraced the pain and suffering and offered it all to Jesus.

Servant of God Darwin Ramos: Age 17

This young Filipino was born in abject poverty, with his parents and eight siblings eventually forced to live on the sidewalk in a life of begging. He was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, leaving him paralyzed, and ended up living in a foundation for street children, where he found Christ. His life was full of gratitude and love for others despite his deteriorating health. He offered up his suffering to Christ until his last breath.

Venerable Matteo Farina: Age 18

Farina is an example of combining the life of a teenager with a desire to serve God. He gave his all to every activity he was involved in, from sports to praying the daily Rosary. He wanted to share his love for God with his peers without forcing his faith on them. It wasn't always easy, but he accepted the challenge. Throughout his teen years he battled a brain tumor, to which he bravely succumbed with joy at the prospect of meeting his Heavenly Father.

Blessed Rolando Maria Rivi: Age 14

This young Italian seminarian was studying to be a priest during World War II. As Communist insurgents occupied his town, his parents told him to take off his cassock. The young teen refused. He was eventually captured by the insurgents, tortured for days and then shot over an open grave. In his final moments he was allowed to offer up a prayer for his parents.

Venerable Angela Lacobellis: Age 13

Another young Italian who suffered from leukemia was this young saint devoted to the Virgin Mary. She was a sensitive soul and was never far from her rosary. As Angela faced the pain of her terminal disease, she welcomed the suffering in Christ's name. She was able to face her death with grace and acceptance, even though she was leaving behind her loving family.

Venerable María Montserrat Grases García: Age 17

"Montse" was a young Spanish girl whose parents taught her the joys of faith. She was totally selfless and gave herself to helping others. Eventually she wished to join Opus Dei, but was diagnosed with a form of bone cancer. She was more anxious about inconveniencing her parents with medical bills than about herself. She spent her final time on earth peacefully giving herself to God and others.

Blessed Antonia Mesina: Age 15

The second of 10 children, Antonia gave up school to help her bedridden mother care for the other children, but still found time to join Catholic Action. One day after Mass she was gathering wood when she was the victim of an attempted sexual assault. She bravely fought off her attacker after being hit 74 times. She died of her injuries.