The Polish nun who wore rubber boots and carried heavy steel to build a house for war orphans

Pope Francis has even honored Sr. Rafaela Włodarczak for her incredible work.

Final Lampstand prize goes to charity showing the real meaning of Christmas

Monthly contest with $515 award wraps up a great year!

Meet the nun behind a hurricane-wrecked school that’s keeping hope alive

At the heart of Puerto Rico's suffering is Centro San Francisco, an inspiring Catholic mission school.

3 Lessons about joy from the “happiest woman ever”

This amazing woman tells us how to sow happiness into our daily lives.

Meet the socialist who became a servant to the poor

Dorothy Day's story points to our deep need for human connection in service to people, not just ideologies.

10 People who gave their lives for others in 2017

Aleteia presents the year's witnesses of charity.

Heroes of 2017: Honoring those who didn’t run the other way

Natural disasters, mass shootings and terrorism brought out the best in many this year.

Colombian charity supporting youth wins November Lampstand contest

$515 will support the next project of the Santa Cruz Association. Congrats!

Wanda Błeńska: The Polish mother of lepers

The inspiring story of a woman who believed there are good people everywhere, even in the midst of Germany in WWII.

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