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10 Wise words from Pope Francis about bullying

The pope has spoken of this problem to parents, teachers, and children -- and has not hesitated to call it "the work of Satan."

How NFL star J.J. Watt is easing the burden of the Santa Fe victims’ families

The 29-year-old already has a strong legacy of helping children and his community.

The pope’s Lamborghini brings in way more than expected: 715,000 euros

Aid group assisting Christians in Iraq will receive most of the money

How a mother fought back against internet trolls who used her daughter to justify abortion

Natalie Weaver faced off against attacks on Twitter and won, thanks to the support of her many followers.

The princess who was kicked out of her castle for serving the poor

Elizabeth of Hungary's biggest support was her husband, but she didn't let her critics stop her.

How can I see Christ in him if I won’t even look at him? Discerning my obligation to the poor

Only a pane of glass, a couple feet -- and my own guilt -- separate me from my brother.

Pope Francis is putting his new Lamborghini up for auction

All proceeds of the papal white sports car will go to charities of the Holy Father’s choice

Watch this little girl’s joy at receiving a prosthetic arm for the first time (VIDEO)

A charity in the UK is helping children with limb deformities feel whole again.

Waffle House hero donates fundraising proceeds to victims’ families

Tennessee legislature honors James Shaw, Jr., for bravery in April 22 shooting that left four dead

One mother’s letter encouraged the New York City Ballet to do something amazing

The famous ballet company now has programs for children with cerebral palsy.

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