Milwaukee nuns to raise funds with biergarten-to-go

The School Sisters of St. Francis offer Beer Garden Boxes to keep the tradition alive during pandemic.

Cardinal Tagle calls for a ‘pay it forward’ type charity

In visiting religious inspired by the service of St. Vincent de Paul, the cardinal says that love is the language humanity understands.

The missionaries who lift up Hinduism’s “Untouchables”

Dalits, who are so despised that they exist outside the caste system, hail Catholic priest as "our guru."

Spanish monarch thanks Catholic Church for services during coronavirus pandemic

The Church in Spain has seen requests for assistance triple in recent months.

3 Prison communication firms team up to unite families on Father’s Day

Flikshop facilitates easy communications between families and their incarcerated loved ones.

Catholic high schoolers write pop song for charity

The girls at Chester Catholic high school have already raised over $1500 with their catchy tune.

Amputee 5-year-old raises nearly half a million dollars for British health service

Inspired by the 100-year-old Captain Tom Moore, Tony Hudgell is determined to show his gratitude to those who saved his life.

How the Maltese Cross helped refugees in WWII

Citizens of Malta painted the crosses on the front of their homes as a show of support and a pledge of service to refugees.

How two teens created a national volunteer group by shopping for their grandparents

Teens Helping Seniors is a wonderful volunteer service of youngsters caring for the vulnerable in their community.

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