Church History

Remains of a 1500-year-old monastery found in Israel

Exceptional mosaic work reveals the building had a special importance among early Christians

The 3 great pillars of Chinese Catholicism

Chinese intellectuals were eager to hear from the priest-missionaries who came their way.

Archaeological find in Laodicea, a city from the Book of Revelation

Mosaics in the dirt led researchers to find an ancient Roman gymnasium.

Her father sneered, “What can a woman do?”

Mother Xavier Ross' whole life and legacy is a fine response to that question.

The oldest cathedral in the world is in Armenia

Built in 301 by St. Gregory the Illuminator, it is a testament to both Armenian and universal history.

The Lourdes of India: Our Lady of Vailankanni

The Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health is popularly known as "the Eastern Lourdes."

How did these Gremlins end up on a medieval church in France?

Stone carvings of the monster from the movie 'Alien' and other 20th-century grotesques now grace a 15th-century chapel in Brittany.

Spencer: The first Trappist brewery in the “New World”

Amid the exploding popularity of artisanal beers, the original masters of the craft are finally able to show America how it's done.

Is the mystery over the death of John Paul I finally solved?

A new book about Pope Luciani presents historical data that contradict popular conspiracy theories.

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