Our collection of articles on romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior between members of the same sex, from a Catholic point of view.

Bishop Barron: What I learned talking with thousands of skeptics on Reddit

The LA bishop is the 2nd most popular "ask me anything" of the year, after Bill Gates and before Bernie Sanders.

Pope calls parents of people with same-sex attraction to paternity and maternity

During in-flight press conference, answers a question with advice for when a child tells his or her mom and dad that he/she is homosexual

Homosexuality and Catholic evangelization: “The Dorothy Day Way”

The sometimes difficult dialogues taking place in church and in our homes can be steadied and helped by the example of this Servant of God.

Chastity and the double standard among Christians

Christ's teachings are hard for everybody, and most of us fail at some point; are some failures worse than others?

Can a homosexual person become a saint? The answer is ‘yes.’

Ethicist Fr. Prof. Andrzej Szostek talks about how Catholics should treat homosexual persons and how the Church should accompany them.

The Catholicism of Oscar Wilde

The writer's personality was extremely complex, full of deep shadows in which there were also incredible flashes of light

Yes, we should apologize to homosexual people, and a lot of others

Jesus doesn’t seem to care what offense the other people may have given us

Christians United with the Victims of Orlando

We are joined together with their suffering as "People of the Cross"

Antonin Scalia and the Politics of the “Bad Person”

His "intemperate" opinion on "Windsor" was formed at the intersection of his faith and reason

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