A Catholic perspective on the way people experience and express themselves sexually, taking into account biological, erotic, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of the human being.

Infertility: A prayer to recite when anger and despair take over your heart

Couples struggling with infertility are often faced with an emotional roller-coaster.

How to attain greater sexual harmony in your marriage

This part of spousal love must be cultivated, just like a life of prayer.

Spouses, here’s why you should never use your love life as a weapon

If you or your spouse have slipped into this behavior, it needs to stop.

Get to know the Creighton Model of natural family planning

An interview with a Creighton Instructor sheds light on this standardized method of NFP.

The real problem with sexually explicit content is that it reveals too little

If no one else is involved, what's the problem with watching something “steamy” in the privacy of your room?

“Another Maria Goretti” will be beatified in Brazil

12-year-old Benigna Cardoso da Silva sought to protect her purity, even if it cost her life.

This saint thought her “one-night stand” wasn’t seen by God

St. Theodora deeply regretted cheating on her husband, thinking that night somehow covered her wrongdoing.

How to understand the surprisingly sensual Song of Songs

The Old Testament book is a favorite among mystics and saints, but can be shocking to the average reader.

Marriage, sex, and prayer: what the Scriptures say

The Bible provides a unique prayer that can be said by spouses before uniting together in love.

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