Armenian leader in Turkey suggests Muslims and Christians share Hagia Sophia

Patriarch Sahak II says it would be better to see visitors prostrating themselves "with respect and awe" rather than running around taking pictures.

Turkey’s Christian “doctor of the poor” succumbs to coronavirus

Murat Dilmener was first Syriac Christian to teach at Istanbul medical school.

Scientists digitally recreate Hagia Sophia acoustics

Vocal group Capella Romana releases music as though sung in Hagia Sophia.

This abandoned city was once known as “the city of 1001 churches”

It once competed in splendor with Cairo and Constantinople, but all its inhabitants left in the 14th and 15th centuries.

Christians in northeast Syria fear Turkish invasion

Turkey apparently wants to rout the Kurds across the border, but Syriac population is in the middle.

Turkey to see first new church construction in 100 years

Turkish president speaks at groundbreaking ceremony for Mor Efrem Syriac Orthodox church.

Meet the cave in Turkey where Saint Peter celebrated Mass

The “grotto of St. Peter” in Antioch is considered one of the first churches of Christianity

Remembering Fr. Andrea Santoro, Italian missionary martyred in Turkey

Martyr Fr. Santoro felt called to work as a missionary in Turkey where he was killed, Bible in hand.

The day a 1,500-year-old underground Byzantine church was found in Turkey

Unearthed in the central Turkish region of Cappadocia, the unique church contains remarkable frescoes.

You can visit the ruins of 3 of the 7 Churches of Revelation in Turkey

While some have interpreted a symbolic meaning to the Bible passage, what's certain is that these churches did actually exist as buildings.

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