Prayer for all bishops and priests in the Church

Ask God to give his strength and grace to all bishops and priests serving the Church throughout the world.

How to join a Catholic religious order

Whether you are discerning the call to become a nun or a monk, the path to consecrated religious life is similar in the steps required.

How to become a Catholic priest

Here is the basic roadmap to the Catholic priesthood and all the steps involved.

Woman told to abort refuses; gives birth to twins who become priests

The ultrasound looked bad, but she wanted to accept whatever God wanted to send her.

Investing time to discover your true calling

You can pursue wisdom in and through your business, if you understand business is a means to an end, not the end itself.

Polish nuns discover baby placed in “Window of Life” box

The box was created to allow parents to anonymously place a baby there if they are unable to care for it.

Prayer to know your vocation and have the courage to accept it

If you are discerning God's will and are struggling with the choices before you, try this prayer.

Providence Diocese swells with seminarians

Eight young men make up the largest class of Rhode Island seminary entrants this century.

Newly ordained priest gives first blessing to his priest son

This father and son duo are priests together, and the son's role at his father's ordination made it that much more special.

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