What are you willing to go into debt for?

Where our balance is owed, there our heart lies …

Pope Francis sends “heartfelt condolences” after former Israeli President, Shimon Peres, dies at 93

“I hope that his memory and many years of service will inspire us all to work with ever greater urgency for peace and reconciliation between peoples.”

Natalie van der Meer

48 things we love about actor Jim Caviezel

Happy Birthday, Jim Caviezel. Here are 48 things you didn't know (but will soon love)…

(WATCH) Pope Francis: “The good thief even managed to steal heaven!”

At today’s Wednesday audience, the Pope tells the story of the good thief’s ultimate heist and offers special greetings to US seminarians preparing for Diaconate Ordination

Christine Stoddard

Prince George snubs Canadian prime minister in the cutest video yet of royal tour (VIDEO)

At just age three the prince has already met a few world leaders, including Barack…

Do you look at those around you with Godly eyes, or tempted ones?

Like grandma always said, "all things are pure to the pure..."

The woman beside the man, Frances Chesterton

G.K. Chesterton's wife was a much needed partner, spiritually as well as professionally

Pope Francis: Overcome desolation with prayer, not pills or drink

The Pope’s advice on how to get through hard times and help others do the same