Pope Francis’ Book for Young People: “Ask: My Answers to Your Questions”

At meeting attended by George Clooney and Richard Gere, a new educational outreach was announced

Complete English Text: Archbishop Georg Gänswein’s ‘Expanded Petrine Office’ Speech

Benedict XVI’s personal secretary stresses there are not two popes, but “an active member and a contemplative member”

Michael Rennier

16 incredibly beautiful images of Mary in art

A beautiful array of timeless images—both classical and modern—to honor the virgin Mary, the spiritual…

Words I Didn’t Say at My Daughter’s Wedding

Not exactly appropriate for a toast, but true nonetheless: "Be prepared for intense joys followed quickly by intense sorrows"

Nicole Pajer

Stop saying you’re too old to do that

Too many of us are under the false impression that we've aged out of experiencing…

On Honoring the War Dead: Lincoln at the Graveside

His purpose on the battlefield was neither to crow nor to incite. It was to commemorate.

When the Benefit of the Doubt Is Really an Act of Faith

There’s deep mercy in refusing to believe the worst about someone – especially when she believes it about herself

Juliana of Liege, the 13th-Century Religious Woman Who Brought Us Corpus Christi

How she helped the Church focus on unity in the Body and Blood of Christ


Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

Young Catholic artist delves into the mysteries of the faith with his original piano compositions

Where are the real Spanish Catholic artists?

Bono asked for honesty in Christian music…Can we give it to him?

A Song That Asks Big Questions

"Love Alone is Worth the Fight"