Listen to Mozart’s own personal violin

In 2013, Mozart’s violin left Salzburg’s Mozarteum and took a trip to New York

A day in the life of a real Kung Fu practicing praying mantis

Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, the story of this little Orchid Praying Mantis is both thrilling and daunting

Caryn Rivadeneira

Is mercury in vaccines really safe? It’s time to prove it!

Robert Kennedy Jr. is offering $100,000 to anyone who can prove that the mercury in…

So, what are you reading, Katrina Fernandez?

In the deep mid-winter a recommendation from a "book whisperer"

Paul Asay

Oscar-contender ‘Lion’ purrs with positive messages about motherhood & family

This true story of loss, belonging, identity, and family ties is deserving of its many…

Seeking sanctuary in a church: What does it mean today?

It’s in the news, but just what is church sanctuary? Is it related to so-called “sanctuary cities”? Does it still have the legal force it had in Quasimodo’s day?

Looking for the weirdly haunting in scripture

O. Henry stories, to be sure, owe an unacknowledged debt to how Jesus told a good story.

Looking for the weirdly haunting in scripture

O. Henry stories, to be sure, owe an unacknowledged debt to how Jesus told a good story.

Norma McCorvey, plaintiff in legalizing abortion who later turned pro-life, dead at 69

Living in obscurity, she came to regret being a part of a case that led to millions of abortions

Nobel Prize-winning agnostic scientist says “The miracles at Lourdes are inexplicable”

Faults those who "commit the error of rejecting what they don’t understand"

Atheist chat with Bishop Robert Barron makes me want to read Peter Kreeft

Bishop Barron speaks the Church so accessibly, he's inspiring me to pick up the pages of an accessible writer

The Ku Klux Klan couldn’t dissuade this Brooklyn priest

After his orphanage for African-American children was burned down, Msgr. Quinn rebuilt it with bricks and concrete.

Religion is always political, but it can never be partisan

What it means to bring be salt" and "light" in the world

Priest’s unexpected recovery cited as possible miracle

No medical explanation was given in a case that could further the cause for an Edinburgh nun's beatification

Istanbul is the best place to be a stray cat

Istanbulites care for street cats as if they were their own, as they are already a symbol of the ancient city.


A Playful Prayer for a Husband

I’m not particular...but could he have blue eyes?

A Valentine’s playlist for every season of love

No matter what you’re feeling this Valentine’s Day, we have a song for you

Watch live from London: Edwin Fawcett and friends

Watch the Catholic gospel singer live on Facebook via Cecilia Music

A Catholic priest entered the Eurovision 2017 singing competition

Padre Damián’s “Thousand Suns” is a winner in our book