Report from Damascus: A young Syrian student blames the West

"The Americans and their allies... have always defended and supported the terrorists under the false pretext of 'democracy.'"

Investing the Catholic way

How to make the most of your money in a way that aligns with Church teaching

Michael Rennier

‘Stranger Things’: why an intellectual like me is hooked on this new Netflix creep-fest

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Hollywood star Loretta Young rebelled against studio pressure to have abortion

The "morality clause" required actresses to "fix" the problem of pregnancies resulting from illicit affairs

Photos by Veronika Kirchner

Crispy, delicious baked apple & pear chips

Healthier alternatives to potato chips are all the rage, but they are pricey from the…

How Pope Francis challenged us in Philly: Looking back, one year later

"His message is timeless and still being heard. His example of leadership is an anchor to us all in these times of great strife."

God and the harvest: hard work and delicacy

A day spent at a family potato farm in North Dakota evokes a sense of wonder at the mysteries of this world and the next

Now is the time to rally around Pope Francis

The future of the Church depends upon it