Amazing: Houses made from garbage and light from plastic bottles

Two ways human ingenuity in service to others can change the world

Holiness in the “humdrum”:  A housewife’s homage to Fr. Walter Ciszek

Of course our sufferings are nothing alike, but what can I say, I relate to the guy!

Cerith Gardiner

4 times Papa Francis broke down the stigma of public breastfeeding

A list of everything the Pope has said about mothers breastfeeding in public, including: "The…

No, the Trump presidency will not be like the Francis pontificate

At first glance there are similarities between the two leaders, but we would be making a big mistake to look at the pope and the Church in political terms.

Stephanie Young

I made friends with my panic attacks & regained control of my life

Three epiphanies made their way to the forefront of my psyche. They were game changing.

Why I wear the cross (it’s not what you might think)

Wearing the cross is a promise, an invitation, and a reminder to myself

MLK reminds us of the power of — and the need for — great oratory

Both our secular and sacred arenas would be greatly improved by respectful erudition that assumes the hearer can understand

“Peace in our communities”: US Bishops’ task force proposes steps to root out racism

Suggestions aimed at bishops can also be put into practice in each of our lives

No suffering goes unused

People going through this kind of thing often want a magic answer, a technique or a trick of the trade, something to do that will actually help. I knew that from experience. I also knew there isn’t one.


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Song speaks of Mary’s immaculate nature before the Church’s official declaration