Pope Francis: Let us see ourselves and the world with Christ’s eyes

“When man breaks communion with God, he loses his own original beauty and disfigures everything around him”

What if Marine LePen wins the French elections?

French, European and worldwide consequences of a hypothetical victory of the leader of the French National Front

Cara Busson-Clark

4 ways to boost your vitamin D levels & beat the winter blues

Sneak more Vitamin D into your day with these yummy foods and easy daily goals.

After my miscarriage, I was suddenly surrounded by the culture of death

My well-meaning doctors and caretakers thought that the most comforting thing would be to deny the reality of the death, or deny that every death is cause for weeping.

Ashley Jonkman

9 expert tips for a calmer, happier child’s bedroom

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Texas couple building innovative housing community for adults with autism, like their son

The "coming onslaught" of adults on the autism spectrum means creative options are needed.

Anne Frank may have left a remembrance of herself besides her diary

Pendant unearthed in former Polish concentration camp being studied for connection with famous child victim

A fast take on ‘Jesus: A Pilgrimage’ with Fr. James Martin, SJ

This book is an invitation into the life and times of Jesus and how he's still speaking to us today.

This Filipino teenager was martyred “in odium fidei” (in hatred of the faith)

St. Pedro Calungsod was murdered while on a mission in the Mariana Islands

Germany’s “hydrail”: A train that only emits steam

The zero-emissions train reaches 87 mph and will open to the public this December

Watch 1910’s ‘Wizard of Oz,’ the earliest cinematographic version of the Oz classic

The film features farm animals alongside the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Lion

From “Hill of Hell” to “Hill of Paradise”: The Basilica of St. Francis, in Assisi

The Papal Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi stands in the top of a hill with a glum past.

This Lent, try becoming empty

Make room in your soul for God

The 9-hour novena that this group of friends has been praying for decades

My friends and I were typical college kids, but we were also united by our desire to understand who we were in the great universe ...

Abbey beers vs. Trappist beers

They are not the same, they don’t taste the same, and no, they are not “kinds” of beer either.


A Playful Prayer for a Husband

I’m not particular...but could he have blue eyes?

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Watch live from London: Edwin Fawcett and friends

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