5 Saints who loved the great outdoors

On St. John Paul II's feast day, we remember those holy people who showed a great appreciation for nature

Fish are not mute. Actually, they “sing.”

Just like birds, fish “sing” at dusk and dawn

Christine Stoddard

The surprising struggle of young nuns (VIDEO)

If you've ever struggled with finding your purpose in this world, you're not alone. Watch…

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Why are we so afraid of “humility”?

It isn’t about being down on ourselves. To be humble means that we recognize that each of us is God’s beloved creation.

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Is the digital revolution creating monsters? Summit of world leaders to meet in the Vatican

An unprecedented conference for an unprecedented discussion between representatives of the Church and some of the greatest exponents of the world of advertising, communications and new technologies.


Amore Infinito album transforms John Paul II’s poetry into song

The little-known Plácido Domingo album features Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli

“We’re here because of John Paul II,” shares rock band frontman

Testimony of a band with roots in Medjugorje and the lead singer born thanks to the pope’s intercession

You’ve probably never heard this version of Thomas Aquinas’s famous eucharistic hymn

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New live music project launches with Catholic artists around the world

“Cecilia Live from the World” is building musical bridges