Cardinal Comastri: “My friend, Mother Teresa of Calcutta”

An exclusive interview with a cardinal who shared a very special friendship with a saint.

Jordanian prince and Jewish scholar say Christianity is intrinsic to Arab culture

Prince Hassan and Woolf Institute head decry Islamic State's "savage" assault on Christians

Cerith Gardiner

William & Kate counsel grieving children as Princess Di’s fateful anniversary approaches

After holidays in France, William and Kate ease back into royal life this week by…

After the flood: Cajun Armies answer the call and volunteer in Louisiana

Local "boots on the ground" are bringing shelter, provisions and help cleaning up "Louisiana's Great Flood"

Photos by Veronika Kirchner

Summer tomatoes & fresh eggs, done dinner-style

Cross dinner off your growing back-to-school to-do list with this quick comfort recipe. Throw it…

Priests need to work on their ability to discern, says Pope Francis

"In life not all is black on white or white on black. No! The shades of gray prevail in life. We must teach them to discern in this gray area.”

Like a moth drawn to the flames of church candles

I’ve never been able to stop myself from lighting several of them, emptying my pockets into the donation box, and kneeling to pray with all the saints and souls in Purgatory I can think of

400 books on the history of art, ready to download (legally) for free

The Met’s website offers more than five decades of publications to stuff your hard drive