This Lent, try becoming empty

Make room in your soul for God

The 9-hour novena that this group of friends has been praying for decades

My friends and I were typical college kids, but we were also united by our desire to understand who we were in the great universe ...

Natalie van der Meer

26 simple & unique cross necklaces

An elegant way to wear your faith every day.

How a not-great annual check-up revealed the not-great state of my soul

We need to take inventory of what we “put into” our souls (spiritual health) just as we do with our body.

Adriana Bello

5 contemporary shoes with history behind them

Discover the origin of ballet shoes, clear sandals, and Converse sneakers.

So, what are you reading, Carrie Gress?

There are worriers, and there are warriors, and the eternal mystery of how men and women work together goes on...

The Powerful 30 Day Prayer to St. Joseph

Just in time for St. Joseph’s March 19th feast

Suggested Lenten reading for 2017

Finding it difficult to settle down and read anything longer than a Facebook post? Thank God for Lent, and the pleasant discipline of reading

Listen to Mozart’s own personal violin

In 2013, Mozart’s violin left Salzburg’s Mozarteum and took a trip to New York

A day in the life of a real Kung Fu practicing praying mantis

Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, the story of this little Orchid Praying Mantis is both thrilling and daunting

Is an agreement between the Holy See and China on the horizon?

One might think so, according to the Cardinal of Hong Kong. But things are not always so simple.

The humanity of rivals: When a liberal and a conservative grieved together

In an era of fierce, unforgiving political street fights, George McGovern and Jeane Kirkpatrick set down their weapons and comforted each other.

Pray your kids get caught

As with the case of the author, a.k.a "the Mystery Water Man," it could change the trajectory of a person’s whole life.

So, what are you reading, Katrina Fernandez?

In the deep mid-winter a recommendation from a "book whisperer"


A Playful Prayer for a Husband

I’m not particular...but could he have blue eyes?

A Valentine’s playlist for every season of love

No matter what you’re feeling this Valentine’s Day, we have a song for you

Watch live from London: Edwin Fawcett and friends

Watch the Catholic gospel singer live on Facebook via Cecilia Music