The 1940 map that charted where each ethnic group settled in America

This unusual rendering was created to remind us where we came from

The 4-step formula for reading and digesting scripture: Lectio Divina

The reader goes beyond the words of the text in front of him to the actual encounter with the Living Word of God.

Maggie Jo Parsons

In defense of skipping the gym

To anyone who feels that exercising at a gym is a lonely, pointless activity, this…

How can I foster a relationship with my guardian angel?

To start, it's a good idea to greet them and ask for their assistance during the day.

Chloe Mooradian

It’s impossible not to pray after seeing this image of a boy suffering from cancer (PHOTO)

Jessica Metinger posted a photo of her son Drake, sick from the effects of chemo,…

Why Mardi Gras means life — and death — to me

Happy memories of a childhood in New Orleans combine with more painful recollections as we approach Lent.

Review: ‘Bitter Harvest,’ the untold story of Holodomor, the Ukrainian holocaust

Thanks to this film, the forced starvation of millions of Ukrainians by Stalin's Soviet regime may enter the mainstream consciousness.

A very bitter Lent: A report from Syria

The Maronite Archbishop of Damascus reflects on the aftermath of six years of war

Lately, it’s hard to like my kid

... and the guilt is crushing

New documentary shows impact the Divine Mercy devotion has on people’s lives

St. John Paul II saw the Divine Mercy image as "the heart of the gospel, and a roadmap to the future."

The Grandma Martyr of Poland, Marianna Biernacka

She died defending family and the unborn

The new gold fever: Big Data. Your data

What is it? How does it affect us? What do corporations do with it?

Pope Francis to Jewish Rabbis: “God is the greatest and most faithful covenantal partner”

Pope presented with new illustrated edition of the Torah by a long-time friend

Bishop Barron: Evangelizing through the good

The concrete living out of the Christian way, especially when it is done in a heroic manner, can move even the most hardened unbeliever to faith.

5 Situations where empathy is the best apologetic

Trying to win converts to the faith? Sometimes your water-tight argument is not the best approach.


We aren’t trying to become religious rock stars. We have a message that has to be told.

Inspiring story behind the Franciscan Friars’ latest music video is a tearjerker

Every week her confessor said these two words and it finally reached her heart

Exclusive: His Own shares the inspirational story behind their new single “Little Girl”

A Playful Prayer for a Husband

I’m not particular...but could he have blue eyes?