WikiLeaks uncovers confirmation of Podesta’s “Catholic Spring” infrastructure

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good met with Obama transition team in 2008

God in prison: A ministry of confrontation and mercy

Fr. Roger Reader, Prison Adviser for the Bishops of England and Wales, talks with Aleteia about his work and the work of parish volunteers

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The ruins of the biblical city where Goliath lived have been found

The Philistine city of Gath was famous for countless confrontations with the Israelites

(WATCH) Pope Francis tells inspiring story of a taxi driver and a refugee

The refugee smelled so bad, the driver didn't want him in his car, but then it all became "as perfume"...

Agencies prepare for onslaught of need for humanitarian aid when Mosul is freed

Catholic Relief Services already helping after city of 100,000 is liberated from Islamic State


Tune in! Cecilia’s first “Live from the World” concert set for tomorrow

Brazilian Catholic singer Jusliana de Paula will play a live pocket show on Tuesday, October 25

Amore Infinito album transforms John Paul II’s poetry into song

The little-known Plácido Domingo album features Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli

“We’re here because of John Paul II,” shares rock band frontman

Testimony of a band with roots in Medjugorje and the lead singer born thanks to the pope’s intercession