“…in the gloaming”

BANGLADESH, July 3, 2016 A Bangladeshi policeman keeps guard near a group of peace activists who had come together to sing and light candles in a park following an attack and seige in Dhaka. Bangladesh said the attackers who slaughtered 20 hostages at a restaurant were well-educated followers of a homegrown militant outfit who found extremism "fashionable", but denied links to the Islamic State group. As the country held services to mourn the victims in Dhaka, there were reports that the attackers spared the lives of Muslims while herding the rest to their deaths. ***** "And the spirits of those who were homing/ Passed on, rushingly,/ Like the Pentecost Wind; / And the whirr of their wayfaring thinned/ And surceased on the sky, and but left in the gloaming / Sea-mutterings and me." -- Thomas Hardy

Photo of the Day, July 8, 2016