Exclusive with Lady Who Received John Paul II Miracle


She was about to die, when she heard the words “Get up!”

Canonizations happen thanks to miracles. In the case of Blessed-very-nearly-Saint John Paul II, this miracle happened to Mrs Floribeth Mora.
The fifty-year-old mother of four speaks exclusively with Aleteia about the moment of her miracle. She was dying due to a cerebral aneurism and she tells us how the Blessed said to her to not be afraid and told her insistently to get up out of her bed, upon which she lay, hopeless.
Before her there was an image of John Paul II on the front of a magazine lying by her bed. She saw his hands, which were stretched out in welcome, actually reach out towards her, and she heard his voice, saying “Get up!”

And she did….

John Paul II’s miracle – Floribeth Mora from Aleteia Italia SRL on Vimeo.

Interviewing Journalist: Ary Ramos