Pope John Paul II

Watch Pope St. John Paul II’s 100th birthday concert online

The isolation concert brought together classical musicians, dancers, Catholic thinkers, and more.

John Paul II’s powerful address to police officers

When speaking to a group of police officers, St. John Paul II exhorted them to seek holiness of life above all things.

John Paul II’s prayer to Mary, Mother of Unity

The Polish pontiff asked Mary to teach us how to achieve unity, protecting peace and justice in this world.

At the end of the Nazi occupation of Poland, the future Pope John Paul II saved a young girl’s life

He carried her for three kilometers. If not for him, she would have died of cold and hunger.

John Paul II’s prayer that peace will have the last word in history

Despite setbacks, St. John Paul II believed that peace will prevail and will have the last word.

Why John Paul II wanted Mary to be called “Mother of the Church”

St. John Paul II was one of the strongest advocates for officially celebrating Mary's role as mother of all the Christian faithful.

Pope Francis invites kids to get to know John Paul II

"God wants your hands, boys and girls: He wants your hands to continue building the world of today."

God visited his people with John Paul II, says Pope Francis

Pope celebrates last of live-streamed morning Masses at JPII's tomb on 100th anniversary of saint's birth.

A beautiful prayer to Mary left by St. John Paul II as a legacy to families

This private devotion was one of the secrets to his pontificate.

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