Pope Francis: “Separated Married Couples: Never Take Your Children Hostage!”


And speak well of your spouse to them.

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis on Wednesday came out in strong defense of children of married couples who have separated. 

Speaking to pilgrims in a sunny St. Peter’s Square, the Pope continued his series on the family, dedicating today's catechesis to the role of parents as the primary educators of their children.

The Pope said the problems that all parents face in educating their children today are “even more difficult for parents who are separated,” and who are “weighed down by their condition.” 

But he urged parents who have separated never to take their children hostage, by making them “bare the brunt” of their separation, or by speaking ill of one another to their children.

“But I say to separated parents: never, never, never take your child hostage! You have separated on account of many difficulties and for many reasons, but may your children not bear the brunt of this separation,” he said. 

The Pope added: “May they not be used as hostages against the other spouse. May they grow up hearing their mother speak well of their father, even though they are not together, and may their father speak well of their mother. For parents who are separated this is very important and very difficult, but you can do it.” 

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