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Why your kids know way more about your marriage than you think

I discovered that my two-year-old child knows a lot more about my marital life (and the world) than I would have guessed.

2 Secret weapons that can renew your marriage

Licensed psychologist and relationship coach Dr. Jack Ito says these are the keys to making love last.

Have you tried Nicole Kidman’s secret to a happy marriage?

She and husband Keith Urban swear they've never done one thing ... and it's made all the difference.

Chastity, unmarried couples, and pre-marital relationships: what to do?

"My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year and half. Initially we struggled to practice chastity, but that effort lessened over time."

12 Saints who were married

Not all saints were priests or nuns; many of them were married.

Are we really made for monogamy?

Reading and snowboarding aren't "natural" either -- but nobody suggests we get rid of them.

The 6 stages of a relationship: Which one are you in?

For a relationship to survive, it's important for the couple to deepen their connection continuously.

How to handle everyday conflict in your marriage

If we apply some basic principles, we can keep ordinary conflicts from escalating into something major.

I’ve been hearing a lot that I should get married, but I am not interested right now

Single people who want their decision to remain single validated by others could start by showing they don’t lack commitment.

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