How to write a love letter to your spouse

There is nothing more romantic than expressing your feelings in a note written from the heart.

New ministry brings hope and healing to adults with divorced parents

Life-Giving Wounds gives a voice, community support, and experienced guidance through unique online retreat.

The longest lasting marriage in the world

Their parents tried to stop them from getting married, but nearly 80 years later, they're still in love.

The best gift you can give your children as a couple

Above all else, kids need the togetherness of their parents.

Is your spouse an atheist? Try this exercise

Many couples share everything except their faith, but this can help bring greater love and meaning to your marriage.

How to approach your relationship when differences are causing problems

Advice for how to be happier with a partner who is not like you.

The art of being truly patient with your spouse

It's more than simply acceptance ... it's a movement of the heart.

Are you disappointed in your marriage?

Don’t lose hope, because it's possible to turn imperfections into authentic advantages for your relationship.

Couple celebrates 60 years of marriage with special photo shoot

Marvin and Lucille Stone's photos in their original wedding attire have gone viral.

Afraid to introduce your significant other to your parents?

Being nervous about introducing your boyfriend or girlfriend to your family is not unusual. Here are some questions to help!

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