Video: The Irish Mom Who Rescues Children from the Streets of Vietnam


New film released in the US tells the true story of Christina Noble

Noble, released in the U.S. earlier this month, is the true story of a tenacious and fearless Irish woman with a difficult past, driven by a strange dream to risk her life for children on the streets of Vietnam. Christina Noble is her name, and her foundation—the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation—has set up schools, medical centres, bicycle programs, sports and music programs, scholarships, revolving loans for small farmers, and much more.

According to The Irish Times, Noble’s influence is felt across Vietnam and Mongolia. Known as "Mama Tina," she has seen a lot since she arrived in Vietnam in 1989, and is more worried about the rights of children around the world today than she has ever been:  

“From the depths of my heart and stomach I really am very worried about the world’s children. It’s not just wars and starvation. Inequality and poverty are always factors. And figures for poverty aren’t going down. They’re going up and up and up…I’m not trying to scare anyone. But no child is safe. Because wherever inequality exists the sickos and the predators move in.”