Bishop Barron on ‘Lady Bird’ and the breakthrough of Grace

"I knew it would be a quirky, offbeat comedy, but I had no idea that Lady Bird would be of considerable religious interest as well."

Looking for some offbeat Christmas movies this year? Here’s what’s streaming

Here are some (mostly) family friendly films to check out right now on Netflix and Hulu.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a welcome jump into the unpredictable

While the young cast is excellent, this movie belongs to Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill.

The 5 big lessons Princess Leia taught us

Intelligent, powerful, just ... with a great fashion sense ... she's a modern icon of female empowerment.

Why there will never be a better Christmas movie than ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

Seventy-one years later, we still crave the major messages from this iconic Frank Capra masterpiece.

‘The Shape of Water’: One of the most poetic and heartfelt movies of 2017

Guillermo del Toro's Catholic background shows itself in this very adult (we mean it) fairy tale.

Hollywood rediscovers faith just in time for the Oscars

A look at how faith and religion manifest themselves in some of this year’s crop of Oscar and awards-hopefuls.

‘Good Time’ is a great movie about an awful truth

We often feel like the world has gone horribly wrong somehow, and this film confirms that yes, it has.

The ‘Justice League,’ and the superhero in you

Lots of Christian metaphors in the latest DC Universe offering, and a message we each should take to heart.

Nativity film ‘The Star’ reflects Mary’s shining example

If you don't understand why Catholics and Orthodox Christians reverence Jesus' mother, this film can help.

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