WATCH: The Man and the Dog Who Rescued Each Other


Eric O’Grey asked the shelter for an “obese, middle-aged dog” — just like him

Six years ago, Eric O’Grey was in serious trouble. He weighed 340 pounds, was diagnosed with high blood pressure, super high cholesterol, and Type II Diabetes. He was taking a thousand dollars worth of medications every month. His doctor told him he should buy a cemetery plot—because he probably had no more than five more years to live. One day O’Grey’s flight was delayed because the crew couldn’t find a seatbelt extender for him. That was the day he decided that enough was enough.

A nutritionist recommended that O’Grey get a rescue dog. She said it would force him to get outside, walk, and interact with others. The moment Eric met Peety everything changed. Not just for Eric, but for Peety, too, whose previous life had been a sad one: He’d been left alone in a backyard and no one played with him or gave him exercise. The dog had arthritis and all kinds of skin problems. Before they both knew it, Eric and Peety were best buddies, who gave each other a new lease on life.


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