3D printed houses are stylish, affordable, and we want one


New 3D printing technology can build a house in 24 hours

3D printing has really grown in the last few years. From printer pens to bulking devices, it captivates us with the promise of a future resembling Star Trek. A Russian company named Apis Cor has brought us one step closer to replicators with their mobile construction 3D printer, capable of printing a 400-square-foot house in about 24 hours.

Using a cement mixer, the crane-shaped printer works ceaselessly to pour stacks of lines that slowly rise into a home. After printing, there is relatively little that must be done: Fill the walls with insulation, install windows and the roof cap, and a coat of paint. The result is a cozy looking home that is quite stylish, and all for about $10,000. Don’t you want one?

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