Vavilov’s ‘Ave Maria’ might be more beautiful than Schubert’s


Anita Dufresne helps us decide with a wonderful performance

Every year Schubert’s “Ave Maria” gets plenty of air time, especially during the holiday season. However, this arrangement is by a Russian composer, Vladimir Vavilov, who brings a haunting melody to the work. Where Schubert’s take is triumphant (borderline bombastic), Vavilov’s is eerie and mysterious, with a stylish 20th-century piano accompaniment that may owe its power to Vavilov’s artistry with guitar and lute.

Anita Dufresne’s voice, obviously trained, is wonderful for this work. Her operatic styling soars when it needs to, all the while remaining intimate and tender. Unfortunately this is the only recording of hers we can find, but we hope to hear more from her soon.

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Song: Ave Maria | Singer: Anita Dufresne

Anita Dufresne

Name: Anita Dufresne

Fun Fact
: There is very little known about Anita Dufresne. She does not have a website and her facebook is only viewable as a friend. This is the only performance on Youtube.

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