‘Ode to St. Cecilia’: The patron saint of musicians comes to life

A new radio drama tells the story of the young saint who has inspired artists over the centuries.

The Canterbury Cathedral Girls’ Choir release their debut album for Christmas

The album has a nice mix of popular and lesser-known Christmas tunes.

Verónica Sanfilippo released a beautiful new Christmas song

This gentle melody may become a Christmas classic.

Top 5 tunes from Johnny Cash’s Christmas cache

The “Man in Black” was a sucker for red and green.

Get to know Anna Hofmann, a fresh voice in opera and sacred music

Raised an atheist, this emerging voice found her faith in the choir.

Becca Bradley wrote a new song around Dykes’ “Holy, Holy, Holy”

There should be more Christian songs written around beautiful hymns.

Danielle Noonan’s new single is a soothing spiritual respite

“Come” is a call to “rest here in my light.”

Michael Patrick Kelly petitions for peace and acceptance in “iD”

There's no need to fight when “you can be you and I'll be me.”

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