Audrey Assad breathes new life through an ancient Irish hymn


Her voice is perfect for Celtic melodies.

Audrey Assad on Cecilia two days in a row? Is she really that good?

Yes, yes, she is.

“Be Thou My Vision” is an ancient Irish hymn that can be traced back to the 8th century. The lyrics are commonly attributed to Saint Dallán Forgaill. Audrey gives it a modern twist with ambient noise that acts as an auditory palate cleanser before her wonderful voice begins. The drums added to the second verse are a very stylish touch and give the arrangement a driven, determined feel.

Assad has an exceptional voice for songs with a Celtic twist. Her voice is has an intimate quality that lightly glides through, expertly choosing which thoughts to keep gentle and which to sing brazenly.

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Song: Be Thou My Vision | Singer: Audrey Assad

Audrey Assad

Hometown: Scotch Plains, NJ

Latest Album: Inheritance

Curiosity: Audrey’s music resonates with so many because of her raw openness and honesty in everything she is facing: doubt, fear, depression. She often tells her audience that she writes her songs to preach to herself, knowing she needs it the most. Writing about her new record, Audrey said, “Making a record of hymns will be a way in which I can, once again, nail the stakes of my tent down a little deeper into the ground, arm my heart with words of life, and say to the black vacuum of unbelief, you will not have me.



Twitter: @audreyassad
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