The reason why Lauren Daigle’s debut album earned a Grammy nomination


This is what happens when you combine straightforward lyrics, intelligent arrangements and a sweetly broken, smoky voice.

Released almost two years ago, on April 142015, Lauren Daigle’s How Can It Be? immediately made it to the charts, well beyond the borders of Christian Music. It reached the Top 20 both on the Billboard Top Albums Chart for all genres (making it up to number 16) and on the iTunes Top Albums Chart for all genres (where it reached 17th place). In fact, a year and a half after its release, How Can It Be? became a gold record.

And that was only her debut album.

Honoring her Louisianan roots, Daigle is not afraid to include some zydeco, bluesy or Cajun sounds in her music, even if framed within a more contemporary ballad format – which might also be more suitable for sensibilities already used to listening to, for instance, Adele on the radio — yet never losing the classic soulful depth of vocal Southern US spiritual music.

Enjoy this live performance of Daigle’s “How Can It Be?”; see for yourself why this song made it to the top.

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Song: How Can It Be | Singer: Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle

Name: Lauren Daigle

Hometown: Lafayette, Louisiana

Current City: Atlanta, Georgia

Latest Album: How can it be

Fun Fact: She tried American Idol twice.

Curiosity: Lauren Daigle has a passion to see lives changed and knows that music is a powerful vehicle. “I hope that as these songs hit peoples’ ears, they don’t hear my voice, they don’t hear really good production, so they can say, ‘Whoa Lord, I’m encountering YOU right now,’” says Daigle.


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