Mauricio Alen and Itala Rodriguez play such a cute love song


The ukuleles make it.

Mauricio Alen is an independent artist who lets his faith guide his craft. He mostly releases singles, besides his 6 track EP Quiero (2012). Even as he develops his brand, Mauricio is refining his art in school in Lima. The Catholic musician credits God with opening every door in his career.

He released his single “Dios te hizo tan bien” (“God Made You So Well”) in February 2016. In the time since, he has collaborated with fellow Catholic student Itala Rodriguez to offer a new take on the piece. The accompaniment trades his full band for two ukuleles, one with the traditional 4 strings, while Mauricio plays a modified ukulele with 6. The resulting sound is much more personal and romantic.

Cecilia is always glad when we can find emerging artists full of promise. We will be sure to keep an eye on Mauricio Alen as he continues his efforts.

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Song: Dios te hizo tan bien | Singer: Mauricio Alen

Mauricio Alen

Hometown: Lima, Peru

Current City: Lima, Peru

Latest Album: Quiero (2016, EP)

Fun Fact: Raise in a Catholic family, Mauricio describes music as his “daily bread.” He was taught music by his pianist grandfather, and his faith by is father's example. He credit's God with opening every musical door in his life.

Website: mauricioalen

Facebook: mauricioalen

Twitter: @mauricio_alen