NYC’s MoMa wants to teach you how to paint, online and for free


MoMa’s free online course on Postwar painting starts this coming May 22.

New York City’s Museum of Modern Art (that is, MoMa) is about to offer a totally free online course on Postwar painting via Coursera, in which the educator, artist, historian and conservator Corey D’Augustine will teach the attendees how to paint like the great abstract painting masters of the 20th century, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning and others. Needless to say, far from teaching people how to simply mimic the style and technique of these great masters, what D’Augustine intends is to give participants a better understanding of not only the creative and technical processes involved in painting, but also of the historical context in which these artists worked.

If you want more information on the course, visit its Coursera profile here.

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