Our collection of articles on art that uses religious inspiration and motifs, intended to uplift the mind to the spiritual.

Historic wall of Herod’s palace shown in set of new ‘Salome’ production

Archaeological drawings based on the site where it is believed St. John the Baptist was executed influenced the set design.

The amazing story of the rescue of the Madonna of Bruges by the Monuments Men

The only work by Michelangelo to have left Italy was stolen twice.

Singer who was cured by Padre Pio says saint guided him to record this song

The proceeds from "Meraviglioso" will go towards funding the Pio Foundation's good works.

How to visit a museum with your children without boring them

Some helpful advice for organizing enriching and enjoyable visits to see art with your children. 

‘Chronicles of Narnia’ statues come to a medieval English church

The new statues include Aslan the Lion, the White Witch, and Mr. Tumnus.

New masterpiece icon “Coronation of the Virgin” is a sight to behold

This incredible work of art was installed at Vancouver’s Chapel of the Annunciation.

The first ever LEGO model of the National Shrine in D.C.

Amateur LEGO artist John Davisson's model even includes the interior of the famed American basilica.

Mexican city famous for guitars was introduced to the craft by Catholic bishop

Paracho has been a haven for guitar aficionados since the 16th century

Discovering the church where Tintoretto is buried

The Venetian master rests in the stunning church of Santa Maria Dell’Orto. 

English Catholics struggle to save crucifixion mural in closed church

The mural has survived in the derelict church for 3 years, but will it last much longer?

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