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In images: This spectacular ceiling mosaic in St. Louis cathedral is the largest in the world

Meet the Polish immigrant responsible for the 83,000 sq. ft masterpiece.

The biblically-inspired “peace windows” of Marc Chagall

Churches and synagogues across Europe feature the stained-glass windows of the modernist painter.

You can actually get more creative with age, science shows

A new study debunks the "right brain" or "left brain" myth.

In images: The meanings of hand gestures in icons

A classical Greco-Roman rhetorical tradition survives in Christian iconography.

Come, Holy Spirit! Pentecost pictured in icons

These images portray the moment the apostles received the gifts they needed to preach the Gospel to the world.

Analyzing art: The iconography of the Ascension through the ages

How Christ's journey to Heaven has been depicted in art over the centuries.

14 Classic paintings that evoke what we celebrate on Mother’s Day

Many famous artists have wanted to capture the special love between mother and child.

H&M launches modest fashion line for summer

The clothing giant seeks to address women who want fashionable clothing that's also in line with their values.

7 Ways to use art to take care of yourself

You don't need to be an artist to do these soothing and cathartic activities.

Ten of the most beautiful representations of the Ascension

Discover these incredible depictions of Christ’s ascent to Heaven

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