How a Dutch cocoa tin was inspired by a medieval altarpiece

The “Droste effect” features a smaller picture within a picture.

The hidden symbolism of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s image

The famous image is steeped in spiritual symbols.

Secret time capsule found in 18th-century crucifix

Inside was an account of life in 1777, from a Spanish priest.

Heir apparent of Saudi throne identified as actual buyer of Da Vinci’s Christ portrait

Why would the crown prince spend so much to bring Christ, the "savior of the world," to a country containing Islam's holiest sites?

Mystery buyer of Leonardo’s $450M painting of Jesus identified as Saudi prince

The extravagant record-breaking purchase comes in the midst of a crackdown on personal enrichment in the kingdom

How would you define art? You’ve got this one

If you think “you know it when you see it,” you need to take this free online course from Oxford.

New historical women statues at Central Park will stand for human dignity

In honor of 100 years of women's suffrage, Central Park will unveil its first feminist tribute.

The oldest cathedral in the world is in Armenia

Built in 301 by St. Gregory the Illuminator, it is a testament to both Armenian and universal history.

A virtual tour of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela that is really worth it

From the “Pórtico De La Gloria” to the tomb of the Apostle, in 360 degrees.

The Library of Congress acquired a rare Mesoamerican Codex

A glimpse into the cartography practices of indigenous Central Americans

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