The remarkable story of the Davert family, who put their trust in God’s plan


Standing at just under 3 feet, Melissa Davert relied on faith to pursue a career, get married, and give birth to twins.

When Melissa Davert was born with a debilitating brittle bone disorder called osteogenesis imperfecta, doctors didn’t believe she would ever be able to sit up, let alone to go on to safely deliver twins one dayBut the Michigan native, who stands at 2 feet 11.5 inches, seems to have spent her life defying the odds and spreading her joy, her good nature, and a deep faith in God’s plan.

As the youngest of seven, growing up with siblings who were over 6 feet tall might have proved a challenge for Melissa, but her family encouraged her to be self-determined, have a sense of humor, and most importantly, to have faith. As she shares in this inspiring video posted on Facebook, her parents always told her “there’s a reason and a purpose for your disability … you just have to have faith and trust in God and his plan.”

And it would seem that God’s plan was to give Davert and her husband Ken, who suffers from cerebral palsy, a truly joyful life, along with their twins, Michaela and Austin, who were born in 1998. While the now 19-year-old siblings both inherited their mother’s disorder, they also seem to have their parents’ infectious joy and gratitude for life that is rooted in their Catholic faith.

Amazing Story of the Davert Family, Bay City, Mich

Have you heard the amazing story of the Davert family of Bay City? This video shares their incredible story of faith, trust in God and love for life.The Davert’s will speak at the upcoming Disability Awareness Conference in Saginaw on Wednesday, Aug. 1. Learn more about the conference:

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