A Christmas Letter: Sexually abused, she wrote to her betrayers in love and peace

The betrayal of sexual abuse is often doubled when it occurs within the family and denial enters into the dynamic.

Whiskey and ironic love: Recalling a Santa of the ‘Greatest Generation’

Had he encountered the language of “deconstruction,” Uncle Charlie would likely have turned back to the bar, rolling his eyes.

The one thing you need to do to make sure your child marries well

Generally kids choose someone like their mom or dad ... so let's shape up!

The valuable life lessons working mothers can teach their kids

Moms who work can be an incredible support for their kids.

Big sister’s online plea makes Christmas wish come true for disabled brother

The internet's hunt for a Tonka truck proves the Christmas spirit is very much alive.

Yes, even busy mothers can pray

You can do it, even with a whirlwind of kids tearing through your house.

What happened when I couldn’t love my newborn son

It's more common than you think, and there's help.

Good parenting doesn’t have to be so stressful

Sometimes we need to throw away the rule books and follow our instincts.

Watch as this family brings a kitten back to life (VIDEO)

In the midst of winter, we all need some compassion and mercy!

What happens when middle-aged dads attempt ballet with their daughters? (VIDEO)

Let’s just say that they all put their hearts into it, and that’s what counts.

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