Saints with blended families

Sometimes life is complicated. There's still a chance to find holiness in it.

10 Creative ways to tell loved ones you’re pregnant

If you're just bursting to share the big news, you'll want to know about these sweet and funny ways to announce it!

Afraid to introduce your significant other to your parents?

Being nervous about introducing your boyfriend or girlfriend to your family is not unusual. Here are some questions to help!

What the Bible can show us about family conflict

Father Olivier Bonnewinn reminds us that God is always there working for our good.

Italian Olympic athlete chooses motherhood over competing in Tokyo

"A child is worth more than any medal," she says.

Ask God for help to imitate the Holy Family with this prayer

Imitating the Holy Family is not easy, which is why we need to pray daily for added grace.

Don’t want to homeschool, cyberschool, or send your kids to school this fall?

Consider this “little way” of learning instead …

Keep a peaceful spirit by using a gentle voice at home

Virtue begins in the home, and sometimes all it takes is a gentle voice.

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