Meditate on the love of God with this prayer invoking the Precious Blood of Jesus


Jesus shed his blood for us, making the ultimate sacrifice for our salvation, showing clearly the depths of his divine love.

Devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus is an ancient devotion that originated from desire to honor the blood that was poured out for us on Mt. Calvary. Initially it was part of a larger devotion focused on the Five Wounds of Jesus Christ, until later it was separated and became its own devotion.

It has always been a devotion that focuses on the love that Jesus has for us, clearly shown on Good Friday. Furthermore, Jesus’ death was extremely bloody, as can be seen by anyone who watches Mel Gibson’s The Passion of Christ.

Blood is essential to our own existence and is deeply connected to the gift of life. The shedding of blood for another person is the ultimate gift of life, sacrificing your own blood so that others may keep their blood. It is a supreme act of love, and when meditating on the suffering and death of Jesus, it is difficult not to dwell upon the vast amount of blood he spilled on our account.

This can give us a glimpse into the depths of God’s love, something that is much larger than we can possibly imagine.

Below is a prayer to the Precious Blood of Jesus from the Raccolta, a collection of prayers from the 19th century. It can help in our meditation on God’s love, allowing ourselves to be washed clean by his love.

Most Precious Blood of life eternal, price and ransom of the whole universe, drink and bath of the soul, ever pleading the cause of man before the throne of heavenly Mercy. I adore Thee most profoundly: I would, if I were able, make to Thee some compensation for the outrages and wrongs Thou dost ever suffer from men. Who will not bless this Blood of value infinite? Who does not feel himself inflamed with the love of Jesus, who shed it all for us? What should I be but for this Blood, which hath redeemed me? And who drew it out of the veins of my Lord, even unto the last drop? It was love. O immense love, which gave to us this saving Balsam! O Balsam beyond all price, streaming forth from the Fount of immeasurable love! Give to all hearts, all tongues, power to praise, celebrate, and thank Thee, now and ever, and throughout all eternity. Amen.

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