Devotions and Feasts

Our collection of articles on the many different expressions of love and fidelity that arise from the intersection of one's own faith, culture, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Day 5: Novena to Sts. Louis and Zelie, for all families

May we delight ever more in God's presence with us.

12 Ways to honor the Precious Blood this July as churches re-open

How to celebrate this Catholic tradition in your life right now.

These are the only 3 birthdays celebrated on the liturgical calendar

The saints are usually celebrated on the day of their death (their birth into eternal life), but there are exceptions.

3 Powerful sacramentals to have in your home

Everybody knows Holy Water, but have you heard of Blessed Salt?

Prayer to St. Anthony to find an item that was lost

"Dear St. Anthony, please come around: something is lost, and it cannot be found."

Bishop Barron: Heart of Jesus, holy temple of God

Why are the emotions consistently read in terms of their corruption, when neither intellect nor will is read that way?

Anxious? Place your cares in the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Like any good mother, the Virgin Mary will look tenderly upon us and comfort us in our anxiety.

How the Heart of Mary leads directly to the Heart of Jesus

One of the most effective ways to draw closer to Heart of Jesus is through the Heart of Mary.

Here’s how (and why) to console the Sacred Heart of Jesus

We turn to the Lord for consolation and He resides in Heaven, but He continues to suffer in the members of His body.

Feeling weak? Find strength in the Heart of Jesus with this prayer

Whether you are spiritually or physically weak, go to the Heart of Jesus and find the strength you need.

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