Learn to listen to Jesus with this prayer of the Transfiguration, allowing the liturgy to guide us


Master, it is well that we are here …

The preface of the Mass on the feast of the Transfiguration offers a glorious text about the fruits of this event in Jesus’ life.

Using the text of the preface, we can pray this prayer to Our Transfigured Lord:

You revealed your glory in the presence of your three chosen witnesses
and filled your bodily form — the body you share with all of humanity — with greatest splendor.

The revelation of such splendor could erase the scandal of the Cross in the hearts of your disciples.

May it also remove that scandal from my own heart, and make me truly aware that the suffering of the Cross united to you is nothing compared to the suffering of the world.

You showed the glory that will be fulfilled in the Body of the Church, as it so wonderfully shone forth first from you as Head.

With Peter, the rock and the first guarantor of our unity, we proclaim: Master, it is well that we are here. We hear the Father inviting us to listen.

Continue to appoint me as one of your chosen witnesses. Enable us to do as the Father has bid us, opening our hearts that we might always listen to you.