The beautiful process your body goes though in the postpartum period


The amazing work your body has done during pregnancy and birth isn’t over. Another awe-inspiring process has just begun!

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In the months leading up to the delivery of your child, all thoughts are for the tiny miracle growing inside you. Most of your actions are done with baby in mind — the food you eat, the activities you engage in, and the preparations you make. After the baby is born, it’s natural to transfer this care and love over to the baby, now existing separate from you. This beautiful process went on inside of your body and, now that it’s over, you may find yourself feeling quite empty. 

But contrary to how you may feel, another complex process is just beginning, and it’s one that can only begin after the baby leaves your body. Jump-started by childbirth: your body is now working hard to heal itself and restore the functions that were altered by pregnancy. Click on the slideshow to see just how amazing the postpartum process is!

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