Twin girls give cash-filled wallet back to veteran


Their honesty was inspired by their own grandfather.

Coming across a wallet filled with cash would create a dilemma for lots of people; whether to return it to its rightful owner, or treat it as “finders keepers.” If it’s a question of morals, there is, of course, no dilemma, but the temptation is still there.

So when 14-year-old twins from Detroit came across a wallet filled with hundreds of dollars and returned it to the owner, people couldn’t help be impressed with these two young ladies.

Makhia and Makyla Vincent were walking to school when they came across the wallet lying in the snow. Looking inside, the girls discovered the usual credit cards, the cash and a veteran’s I.D. revealing its owner as Marc Walsh, Since their grandfather is a vet, the young women knew they had no choice but to return the wallet: “I would hate if that was my granddad and that happened to him, so I knew we had to return it,” they explained to WJBK, a Detroit TV station, in a report by Little Things.

Tracking down the owner’s address, the twins went to Walsh’s home. The disabled former Marine was not at home, so the girls signaled their find on Walsh’s surveillance camera and left the wallet by his door.

Walsh’s roommate contacted him to tell him of the girls’ visit. Walsh looked at the video and retrieved his wallet. The find was a big relief to him as he has been finding it difficult to get a job.

Yet, as with most acts of kindness, there’s a happy twist in the story. Thanks to the help of the TV station, the owner and the twins were put in contact and Walsh showed up at their door with a little surprise. Impressed by the girls’ honesty, the veteran rewarded them with the cash that had been in the wallet, proving how a little kindness really does go a long way.


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