5 Food podcasts for cooking inspiration

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Getting tired of the same old recipes? Find ideas and inspiration in these great listens.

Cooking and baking are everyone’s new favorite hobbies after months in lockdown, and even as restrictions loosen this summer, many of us  will still opt to eat in. Good food shared with people we love will always be one of the greatest gifts in life and it helps to find new recipes and fresh ideas. If you’ve grown weary of your usual meal rotation, or just want to improve your kitchen game, check out these informative podcasts.

The Catholic Foodie

If you’re a person of faith who loves to cook, this podcast is just what you’ve been looking for! Host Jeff Young shares history, traditions, and tips about food and cooking, interwoven with Catholic beliefs and practices.

Shoot the Shiitake with Father Leo

Father Leo Patalinghug is a priest who happens to be an award-winning cook, and he’s sharing his culinary expertise and Catholic teachings in his podcast. In many episodes, he gives a thoughtful and serious perspective on social and cultural issues, giving listeners plenty to ponder.

Home Cooking

Samin Nosrat is the belle of the ball in the food world, since the publication of her immensely popular cookbook Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking in 2017. The book was turned into a delightful Netflix series, and now Samin is here to help when home cooks need her most: The stated goal of her podcast is, “We want to help you figure out what to cook (and keep you company) during the quarantine!”

The Splendid Table

One of the oldest food podcasts, this show covers all things food, from famous chefs to restaurants to recipe hacks at home. It makes all kinds of recipes seem doable, and it’s always worth a listen.

Proof: America’s Test Kitchen

If you’re the kind of person who reads cookbooks for fun, this podcast will be your new favorite! America’s Test Kitchen is known for its meticulous approach to perfecting recipes, and this show is just as thorough, solving “food mysteries” and sharing all the details behind the foods we love.

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