Pentecost Online Retreat, Day 2: The Gift of Fortitude


Unpack the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit with an online seven-day retreat with the Dominican Friars and the Sisters of Life.

Tonight’s conference unpacks the Gift of Fortitude. Pope St. John Paul II describes fortitude, saying, “The gift of fortitude is a supernatural impulse which gives strength to the soul, not only in exceptional occasions such as that of martyrdom, but also in normal difficulties: in the struggle to remain consistent with one’s principles; in putting up with insults and unjust attacks; in courageous perseverance on the path of truth and uprightness, in spite of lack of understanding and hostility.”

May tonight’s conference stoke the fire of courage in our hearts. This gift will allow us to endure whatever trials come, giving us the grace to persevere in Christ. May this reflection on Christian fortitude fill us with the strength and power of the Holy Spirit!


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