Pope urges youth to be inventive, find ways to reach out to grandparents

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“Dear young people, each one of these elderly people is your grandparent! Do not leave them by themselves.”

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Pope Francis on July 26 noted the feast of Sts. Joachim and Ann, held by tradition to be the parents of Mary, and thus Jesus’ grandparents.

In many countries, the feast is the occasion for Grandparents’ Day.

The Holy Father referred to the special trials being endured by the elderly during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Though he has often reminded young people of the crucial role that the elderly have in their lives and for the future of the world, his appeal on Sunday had particular intensity. Every elderly person, he told youth, is “your grandparent.”

Here is what he said:

On the memorial of the Saints Joachim and Anne, Jesus “grandparents,” I would like to invite the young to perform a gesture of tenderness towards the elderly, especially the loneliest, in their homes and residences, those who have not seen their loved ones for many months.

Dear young people, each one of these elderly people is your grandparent! Do not leave them by themselves.

Use the inventiveness of love, make telephone calls, video calls, send messages, listen to them and, where possible, in compliance with the healthcare rules, go to visit them too. Send them a hug.

They are your roots. An uprooted tree cannot grow, it does not blossom or bear fruit. This is why the bond and connection with your roots is important. “The blossom of a tree comes from what it has underground,” says a poet from my homeland. Therefore I invite you to give a big round of applause for our grandparents, everyone!

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