Faye Dunaway: ‘I’ve been a devout Catholic since the beginning of my career’

Check out this intriguing interview from The TODAY Show, in which she talks about her new film “The Case for Christ,” and her Catholicism.

She discussed her faith two years ago in Esquire: 

I’m a new Catholic. I love the church; I love Mass. I go every morning at 6:30. When I’m on the right track spiritually and emotionally, things happen in my life. It’s mysterious.

Meanwhile, a report from the 1990s noted that at the time she was taking instruction in the Catholic faith so she could convert before marrying photographer, Terry O’Neill.

(I’m not entirely sure it’s accurate for her to describe herself as “a devout Catholic since the beginning of my career,” since her career began in the 1960’s and she didn’t enter the Church formally until 30 years later…)

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